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"The place where the sun isn’t shining now will be illuminated in a few hours."
~ Sophia Bedford-Pierce

"Her finely tuned radar makes each session a gem, helping me focus my intention, keep my eyes on the prize, and develop a plan for the future. I walk away from each one with a deeper clarity of my life's work and with a renewed vitality of how to actualize that."

~ Julia G., Spiritual Healer - Richmond, CA

"I knew I wanted to leave my job, but lacked the courage to move forward. Julia guided me in crafting my own exit plan, and followed up regularly with me so that I was achieving my goals. We all need someone to give us a nudge now and then. The sessions gave me a sense of accountability and kept me on track."

~ Adelaide C., Journalist - Los Angeles, CA

"She's wonderful at helping me get back in charge of my choices and my life. She asks questions that get me to look deeply… that help me see and clear out the gunk in my gears so I get to be me."

~ Nancy M., Life Coach – Castro Valley, CA

"Julia is a fabulously sensitive, perceptive, empowering, and inspiring coach. Julia’s sessions have always been right to the point and to a place near the core, as the layers of protection fall away with my newfound sense of strength and wholeness."

~ Roxanne C., Acupuncturist – Anchorage, AK

"Her skillful listening is worth its weight in gold, when it comes to strategizing career goals or planning a difficult conversation with a loved one. She brings both natural talent to interpersonal work, as well as a depth of training and experience."

~ Jessica R., Singer Songwriter – Oakland, CA

"Julia has an innate way of meeting people where they are at and lifting them up. Anyone who wants to experience a significant breakthrough in their business, relationship or life in general should make it a point to spend some time with Julia."

~ Kenneth N., Life Coach – San Diego, CA

"Wow. Don't know how she does it... Julia is so open and non-judgmental yet her penetrating questions really expose when I'm playing small, thinking too narrowly or not being my best. Julia is truly a "coach", coaxing me, prodding me and most of all, believing in me. It's like she sees only my Higher self so she doesn't give any weight to my B.S. or excuses. THANK YOU, Julia, for bringing your gifts to my life. You have helped me see and step more confidently into my own unique ME!"

~ Stephanie N., Life Coach – San Diego, CA

"I was blown away by the internal shift that Mara and Julia coaxed in me and the creative and safe space they provided. I felt very held and encouraged through the ups and downs of the process and as a result, I was able to open myself up to a new level and walk away with a clearer understanding of why I am on this planet as well as concrete action steps to live my purpose in this world."

~ Nicole C., Coach & Writer – Redwood City, CA

"Life coaching helped me to restore my confidence and to see things more clearly in some nebulous times. It was a fun and revealing process of self-discovery. I always felt I was moving forward, and not in circles like I used to feel during psychotherapy. I was impressed with how Julia helped change my state of mind. I would start our session anxious, confused, and preoccupied with all the things that I couldn’t accomplish and I would end the session relaxed, confident in myself, and with a plan on how to accomplish what I really wanted."

~ D.S., Pediatrician – Los Angeles, CA

"Since beginning sessions with Julia, I have experienced countless breakthroughs in my life both internal and external. If you are considering life-coaching, Julia is truly the best."

~ Allison B., Herbalist & Radio Producer – Berkeley, CA

"Julia is an amazing coach. After each call I felt simultaneously affirmed for who I am AND called to move beyond any gremlins holding me back. A great coaching relationship that got me somewhere."

~ Holly F., Program Director - Oakland, CA

"I uncovered lessons and insights that I still draw from and expect to use all my life. She is unfailingly compassionate, wise and intuitive, and manages to create a uniquely designed coaching experience to match your personality, needs, and the twists and turns of everyday life."

~ Tram N., Non-Profit Leader - Oakland, CA

"You will truly find nobody better."

~ Timea Q. - Vancouver, BC

"Julia is an incredible life coach. She's helped me become more confident and sure of myself and who I am. I am now more fully present in my life and more fully connected to my body, heart and spirit. I love the vibe of our sessions. She consistently helps me create breakthroughs but they're surprisingly from a place of ease and flow! She is patient but fierce in drawing me to reach beyond my comfort zone. And for the first time in a long time, I'm in action and reaching my goals. But most importantly, I'm happy and at peace. I can't say enough good things about my work with her. "

~ Karen L., Homemaker – Union City, CA