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"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
~ Wayne Dyer


At Essence Life Coaching, we specialize in helping our clients achieve a deep and ever-present resonance in their daily life. This feeling of deep fulfillment emerges as a result of clarifying your most cherished values and creating a life that expresses them. Life coaching will help you develop the joy, spontaneity and peace of mind that comes from true inner fulfillment.


Want To Be A Star Performer?

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Coaching is a powerful partnership that supports you to live your most authentic and fulfilling life. Itís a process that helps you clarify whatís most important to you and align your intentions and actions with those values. It supports you in achieving your goals and moving past obstacles in your way. And, most importantly, it helps you be well and vibrantly alive!

Coaching brings power and focus to our deepest desires. It creates a space for you to dream big and develop an action plan to achieve your dreams. Essentially, itís about being empowered and the artist of your own life. Through a process of self-exploration, you will:

  • Illuminate what you truly want
  • Release fears and self-imposed limitations that stand in your way
  • Open new pathways and possibilities that give you trust and confidence

Coaching moves you from where you are now to where you want to be, and has you enjoying the journey along the way. As your coach, I'm a nurturing and insightful trained ally who will:

  • Spark your awareness and grow your ability to be present
  • Guide you to try on new perspectives that give you ease and joy
  • Support you in discovering your solutions and creating flow in your life

At the foundation of coaching is the belief that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole. As your coach, I trust that you and only you have the answers for your life. My role is to facilitate a process that helps you hear and follow your own inner guidance.

Holding the agenda you set, I will:

  • Challenge you to stretch your boundaries
  • Champion your capability and achievements
  • Hold you accountable to your commitments and reaching your full potential

Ultimately, coaching is about success, wellness and fulfillment Ė in short, itís about having an extraordinary life!